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Evorie Breastmik Storage Bag, 250mL (60pc/pack)

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Evorie Premium Breast Milk Storage Bags are BPA-free, FDA approved and European Food-grade certified. It is uniquely designed to ensure that precious breast milk is not spilled, wasted or contaminated.

Every milk bag is medically pre-sterilised to ensure that bacteria is not present. Evorie Breast Milk Storage Bags are also larger in capacity (250mL) and comes in 60pc pack for greater savings in the long run.


  • BPA Free
  • FDA approved
  • European FOOD GRADE certified
  • PRE-STERILISED with electronic beam
  • 250mL LARGE CAPACITY for greater savings
  • Safety seal to prevent bacteria & contamination
  • Durable double layer, safe for extended freezer storage
  • Clearly marked measurement in both oz and mL for easy reading
  • Designed to stand on its own or lay flat for greater SPACE SAVING
  • Outer write-on tab for easy recording & prevent ink leeching
  • Convenient pour spout for hygienic easy pouring
  • Double zipped to ensure LEAK-PROOF
  • Comes with complimentary MARKER!

Storage Instructions:
  • Leave some room at top of bag to allow for expansion when milk freezes
  • Label milk with the date and time expressed and use the oldest stock first
  • Keep milk in the back of the freezer / refrigerator away from the door


  • Do not microwave or boil the storage bag and breast milk
  • Do not allow sharp objects to come into contact with the storage bags

Purchase twin pack for greater savings!

Click here for more information on how to clean and sterilise Evorie Bottles.