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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Evorie bottles can undergo steam, boiling and chemical sterilization. Evorie bottles fit into most wideneck sterilizers of most leading brands. To be safe, check the diameter of the brand's bottle for comparison. Evorie bottles measure 5cm in diameter. 

Click here to learn more about how to properly clean your bottles. 

Evorie bottles fit into most wideneck warmers of most leading brands. To be safe, check the diameter of the brand's bottle for comparison. Evorie bottles measure 5cm in diameter.

You should consider your baby's age, duration of feeding time and drinking amount as possible cues as to when to change teat sizes. Even babies of the same age will have different requirements. So select the best size according to the development of your baby. When your baby is taking a longer time to finish drinking even if ventilation is working well or if the nipple keeps collapsing, please consider upgrading to the next size.

Consider moving up a size if -
A) Your baby is fussing every time they feed, as they may be getting frustrated with the flow of milk not being fast enough.

B) The teat is collapsing when your baby is drinking (and it’s not because there is a block). This can happen if your baby is sucking hard to get the milk out and it's not coming fast enough for them. A vacuum gets created, causing the teat to collapse.

Although it varies depending on usage, we recommend bottles be replaced approximately every 6 months and teats be replaced every 3 months.

Yes, Tritan baby bottles are dishwasher safe.

Absolutely! Tritan plastic is used in hundreds of food contact products around the world, including water bottles, blenders and food storage containers. Evorie uses Eastman™ Tritan. To ensure the safety of Tritan and address concerns about plastic, Eastman conducted extensive testing over many years using well-recognized scientific methods. Accredited universities and independent third-party labs tested Tritan, and the results overwhelmingly demonstrate that it is safe and, in separate studies, free of bisphenol A (BPA) and bisphenol S (BPS). Tritan plastic is also free of estrogenic activity (EA) and androgenic activity (AA).

To learn more about Tritan, click here.

No, Tritan baby bottles are not microwavable.

Yes, milk contains fat and protein that cannot be washed away using just plain water. Before sterilizing the bottles, be sure to wash them clean with washing detergent and rinse them thoroughly. 


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Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is a tough, BPA-free plastic used to make various products that you use every day. Products made from Tritan are impact and shatter resistant. Plus, they stay clear and durable even after years of repeated use and dishwasher cycles.

Yes, Tritan™ is safe for you and your family. It has been rigorously tested by third-party labs to ensure its safety. It is completely free of bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S and any other bisphenol compounds as well as estrogenic and androgenic activity. But not only is Tritan chemically safe, it’s shatter-resistant too, so the only thing you have to worry about when someone knocks over a product made with Tritan is cleaning up spills. 

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a monomer used in some plastics, including polycarbonate. BPA also is used in the interior coatings of metal cans that hold food to prevent deterioration of the metal surface. 

Tritan is not manufactured with BPS or any other bisphenol compound that would be chemical analogs of BPA. there is no reason to expect that these substances would be present in the material.

BPA is not and has never been an ingredient or byproduct of the production of Tritan™. Validation that Tritan is a BPA-free plastic is supported by robust testing and independent third-party testing by accredited laboratories. To learn more about the testing of Tritan, visit

Estrogen and testosterone are hormones that are essential to many important biological processes in animals and humans, including sexual differentiation and development. Studies have suggested that certain synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals can interfere with these biological processes and lead to adverse effects.     

Endocrine disruptors are defined as chemicals that can interfere with the human endocrine system and ultimately lead to adverse health effects. Among endocrine disruptors, chemicals that mimic estrogen and testosterone in living animals are said to exhibit estrogenic activity, also known as EA, and androgenic activity, frequently known as AA.

Independent third-party labs using well-recognized scientific methods have demonstrated that Tritan plastic is free of estrogenic activity and androgenic activity.

No; nor is it a measure of the safety of a product. The number, usually located in the center of the triangular recycle symbol, is called the “resin identification code” and is intended to facilitate sorting of materials for recycling. Currently, resin identification code “7” is for “other” resins that are not defined by codes 1 through 6. Thus, a number of unrelated plastics can carry a code 7, including Tritan, polycarbonate, nylon and even the newer bio-plastics. Many well-known manufacturers identify their products made from Tritan with code 7.

Accredited universities and independent third-party labs used well-recognized scientific methods to test the plastic resin for potential estrogenic activity and androgenic activity. This battery of tests included:

Quantitative structure activity relationships (QSAR). Computer modeling of monomers to assess each substance's molecular structure and its ability to bind to human estrogen and androgen (testosterone) receptors in a manner that could lead to their activation.

Receptor transactivation assays. The estrogenic activity and androgenic activity of both the monomers and concentrated extracts of Tritan also were evaluated in vitro using both yeast and mammalian cell assays performed by two separate labs. These tests evaluate a substance's ability to bind to a hormone receptor and, induce gene expression. Extracts were generated using U.S. Food and Drug administration and European Union (EU) (specifically, Commission Regulation No. 10/2011) recommendations for food contact migration testing. Additional extracts were derived following a dishwasher simulation environment (10 days, 70ºC in Cascade® solution).

Competitive binding assays. Despite the fact that neither the QSAR nor transactivation studies showed any evidence of binding or gene expression by estrogenic or androgenic pathways, a second tier of tests based on competitive binding assays was conducted. These tests can confirm a substance's ability to specifically bind to a specific hormone receptor and can be used to calculate the relative binding affinity.

Uterotrophic assay.  This in vivo test is considered more definitive for assessing a substance's potential to elicit estrogenic responses in living biological systems. This test is also part of the Tier I Endocrine Disruption Screening Program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Hershberger assay. This in vivo test is considered more definitive for assessing a substance's potential to elicit androgenic responses in living biological systems. This test is also part of the Tier I Endocrine Disruption Screening Program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

No, Tritan is shatter resistant, so while it has the looks and clarity of glass, it won’t break when you drop it or toss it in the bottom of your backpack. It can take all the bumps and drops of daily life and even survive some of the not-so-typical stresses.

Hundreds of dishwasher cycles, several hiking trips and even a few really long falls. Tritan™ outlasts glass, plastics and just about every other material, proven through third-party testing.

Evorie Premium Baby Wet Wipes

Evorie Baby Wet Wipes are specially formulated for babies' delicate skin. Effective yet ultra-mild, pure, and gentle. Each thick, ultra-soft wipe delivers a soothing cleanse you and your baby can feel good about.

• Made from 99% Purified water

• Made with premium cotton for an ultra-soft and gentle clean.

• Fragrance-free and alcohol-free for sensitive skin. Provides instant moisturization.

• Mild, non-irritating formula. Our wipes are as gentle as water.

• Our caring formula is created with zero dyes, parabens or phthalates.

• Perfect for changing diaper and cleaning baby's hands and bum.

• Every pack comes with convenient easy to open-and-close resealable cover and label

All unopened Evorie Baby Wet Wipes have a shelf life of two years.

Once opened they will remain fresh for up to a year, provided the tub or pack is sealed properly between uses and is kept out of direct sunlight and away from a lot of heat. All Evorie Baby Wet Wipes are best stored at room temperature.

All leading baby wipes, irrespective of brand, include the preservatives necessary to protect wipes against bacterial or fungal contamination.

Evorie Baby Wet Wipes are:
✓ Alcohol free
✓ Soap free
✓ Dyes, parabens or phthalates free

Tested by SGS to be compliant with Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 and its subsequent amendments.

All Evorie Baby Wet Wipes undergo thorough internal and independent safety evaluations that support our confidence in the quality and safety of our products. Evorie Baby Wet Wipes are, and have always been, completely safe for mothers to use to clean their baby.

Water, Benzalkonium Chloride, Disodium EDTA, Chlorphenesin, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Butylene Glycol and Ethylhexylglycerin.

No. Evorie Baby Wet Wipes contain no alcohol. Our wipes are designed to be caring and gentle.

No. It is recommended that each Evorie Baby Wet Wipe be used for one clean only, and then disposed of in a waste container.

No, Evorie Baby Wet Wipes should be disposed of in a waste container.

Yes. All Evorie Baby Wet Wipes packaging is recyclable where the appropriate recycling facilities exist.

For enquiries on delivery, exchanges & returns, please refer our Shipping & Returns page.