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  • Established since 1975

    We create safe, quality, easy-to-use products for mothers and babies.

  • Evorie Tritan™ Bottles

    Winner of the Prestigious Australia’s International Good Design Awards

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  • Doing our part for the less privileged

    We will donate one bottle to charity for every 10 bottles sold

  • Best Evorie Tritan Baby Milk Bottle

    It's undeniably stylish

    Tritan is unique for its glass-like appearance, clarity and shine.

  • Tritan material is safe for all babies highest quality

    It all starts with safety & quality

    Accredited and assured, Free of BPA, BPS, PVC, and any other bisphenols.

  • Tritan looks like glass until you drop it

    It looks like glass until you drop it

    Looks exactly like glass, only stronger! Tritan does not shatter like glass, dent like steel nor crack in the dishwasher.

  • Tritan is made for the long run. It is highly sustainable and functional.

    It's in for the long run

    Tritan-made products are highly functional and sustainable, extending the product longevity and reducing waste.