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#StickWithEvorie Contest (Contest Period: 1 to 30 October 2020)

#StickWithEvorie Contest (Contest Period: 1 to 30 October 2020)

#StickWithEvorie Contest (Contest Period: 1 to 30 October 2020)
  1. Decorate your Evorie Tritan Bottle/s with stickers of your choice, with the following elements:
    1. Eyes
    2. Smile
    3. Evorie logo
  2. Entries using the Sponsor’s printed stickers will have a higher chance of winning; and such stickers are available with every order at consisting at least an Evorie Tritan Bottle in that order, available from 1 October 2020 onwards.

Click here to read the full contest rules.

You are not alone…

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

The theme of World Breastfeeding Week 2020 is "Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet". While breastfeeding is a natural process, it is not always easy. Mothers need support – both to get started and to sustain breastfeeding. In line with this theme, some mummies share with us snippets of their breastfeeding journey.

You are not alone…
Motherhood is the greatest and the hardest thing

Ain't no hood like...Motherhood!

"Motherhood is the greatest thing, and the hardest thing" Being a mother is learning about strengths we didn't know we had, and dealing with fears we never knew existed. Read on to see what 3 mommies shared with us on what motherhood means to them. 

What milk is best for your baby?

Not all milk is the same. Ideally, it is best to exclusively breastfeed your newborn until the baby is 6 months old. However, if you're unable to exclusively breastfeed your baby for whatever reasons, the type of formula you use matters. So, soy, goat or cow, which is better for your baby?

What milk is best for your baby?
Best milk bottle for your baby

Choosing the Best Milk Bottle for your Baby

Not all baby bottles are created equal. Like most parents, we want our milk bottles to be safe and non-toxic (e.g. BPA-free), but we also want a milk bottle that is practical for everyday use. So, which material is best - glass, PP, PES, PPSU or TRITAN?