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About Us

Our Story

Established in Taiwan since 1975, Evorie has become Asia's leading mother and baby care specialist. Evorie combines over 45 years of expertise, trust and innovation into all our products.

Evorie has over 40 years of expertise in developing mother and baby care products.

We assist mothers to raise their babies with greater confidence, peace of mind and sense of fulfillment.

With a wide range of products, we are the preferred choice for high quality, durable and well-designed merchandise for mothers, babies and toddlers.

Evorie empowers mothers.

*as of 31 Dec 2019
safe, quality, affordable easy-to-use baby products

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring happiness to all mothers through providing safe, quality, affordable and easy-to-use products.

Our vision is to become the most trusted babycare brand in Asia, one that inspires and empowers every mother to enjoy every moment of their motherhood confidently.

safe, quality, affordable easy-to-use baby products

Our Values & Beliefs

Every mother should enjoy motherhood as they nurture and raise their baby.

Mother and child


Evorie possesses over 40 years of expertise to meet the demands of parents and babies.

We invest in R&D constantly to improve our products, to provide mommies with the highest quality materials and best designs possible.

Evorie commitment excellent service and care


Evorie is committed to providing our mommies with the best experience possible. 

This includes attention to every details, from material safety to product design to after-sales service and customer care.

Mommy's community motherhood

Fun & Community

Evorie is not just a product. We want to create a community that empowers, supports and celebrates motherhood. 

We aim to make Evorie moment fun for all mothers.