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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility

We play our part in building a sustainable future and a better, brighter world
for our children to inherit.

Our social and environmental commitments sit alongside our vision to be the
most trusted babycare brand in Asia.

We are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

Our role is to bring happiness to all mothers through
providing safe, quality, affordable and easy-to-use products.
We want all mothers to enjoy every moment of their motherhood! 

Enjoy Evorie Moment!


A Commitment to Caring

Our footprints are global and the impact of our business diverse.
Products are produced, transported, sold and then used and disposed of by our customers.

We recognise we can improve community and lives of mothers and their babies
through the material we use, the way we interact with local communities and with our mothers.

We have structured our CSR programme into three core pillars
to focus on the areas that has the greatest material impact.

safe and environmental friendly product


addressing the social and environmental impacts of making and using our products

tritan recycle programme


making our operations greener

helping communities charity giving


investing in our people and strengthening our ties with the communities in which we distribute our products, in particularly Charitable Giving.

Charitable Giving

Evorie Bottle for Every Child

We are committed in helping all mothers and babies in the local communities we operate in,
not just those that purchase our products.

We are committed to make available our products to less privileged children and families in difficulties.
This is in line with our vision to bring happiness to all mothers through our products.

We are committed to do good by supporting parenting initiatives or charities that ensures the well-being of mothers-to-be, new mothers and their babies and young children.

For 2020, we have pledged to donate 1 bottle for every 10 sold on

If you are or know of any parenting initiatives or charities we should be benefiting, please inform us at

Donation to HCSA Dayspring SPIN

In September 2020, we donated 50 baby feeding bottles and water bottles to HCSA Dayspring SPIN

(Single Parents INformed, INvolved, INcluded)

As an initiative in collaboration with the National Council of Social Service, HCSA Dayspring SPIN aims to support caregiving and improve the quality of life for single parents and lone caregivers who lack, or have limited emotional, physical or practical support. SPIN provides single parents with access to resources through an ally network of volunteers and an interactive website that empowers them to make informed decisions and helps strengthen their social support network. 

Donation to Fei Yue Community Services

We have also pledged to donate 200 baby feeding bottles and water bottles in 2020 to Fei Yue Community Services (FYCS) - a not-for-profit social service agency established in 1991.

FYCS is well-known in Singapore for a diverse suite of programmes that cater to the very young all the way to the seniors.

We will provide updates again when these bottles are delivered.