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Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle Cap with Handle Set

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Perfect for Toddlers

Our Wide-Neck Baby Bottle Handle with Cap Set is ideal for children 6 months onwards to learn to drink on their own. Easy to use, durable, and 100% leak-proof. Pair this with our Baby Bottle straw to allow for multi-angle drinking.

• BPA Free
• Ergonomic handle 
• Easy to use
• Durable 
• Easy to clean
• Easy to assemble and clean (Dishwasher safe)
• Suitable for 6+ months

*compatible with our Evorie Wide-Neck 160mL and 240mL bottles.

What's included:
1x Evorie Wide-neck Baby Bottle cap
1x Evorie Wide-neck Baby Bottle handle

*Purchase our Wide-neck Baby bottle straw here.

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