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When is the Right Time to Train Your Baby to Drink from a Straw Bottle?

When is the Right Time to Train Your Baby to Drink from a Straw Bottle?

When is the Right Time to Train Your Baby to Drink from a Straw Bottle?

As a parent, you want to ensure that your baby is getting the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly. One way to support their nutrition is by training them to drink from a straw bottle. But, when is the right time to start?

Why choose cotton dry baby wipes?

Cotton dry baby wipes are one of the best options for cleaning your baby's delicate skin, since newborns and babies below 6 months old have very sensitive skin. Evorie cotton wipes can be used as wet wipes when water is added to it. It can also be used for make up removal and even as oral wipe as it has zero chemicals. Why bring tissue papers, wet wipes and cotton pads in your diaper bag when you can just bring a pack of Evorie Cotton dry wipes?
Evorie Dry baby wipes
Evorie Premium Unscented Wipes

Choosing the right baby wipe for your baby!

Baby wipes are the number one necessity for all parents. From cleaning the little ones during a diaper change, cleaning up milk spit ups, keeping their body clean and fresh... Read More

Things to look out for a good breastmilk storage bag

You may not have cried over spilled milk but you will probably cry over breastmilk that has not been stored properly. Not only having to put in all the hard... Read More
Things to look out for a good breastmilk storage bag
Evorie Donut & Dippy Duck Silicone Baby Teether Pacifier

Teethers, Pacifiers, Toys and European Safety Standards EN 71 and EN 1400

Your child's health and safety is of the utmost importance! As they start to teeth, they will need toys and pacifiers to soothe the pressure generated in their gums. However, putting objects into an infant's mouth is always a risk. EN 71 and EN 1400 are one of the most stringent certifications designed to ensure material and chemical safety for teethers, pacifiers, soothers and toys. Always insist on purchasing product with these safety marks!

Safety Standards for Baby Feeding Bottles and Sippy Cups

When it comes to the safety of your child, would you pay a small premium for ease of mind or take an unnecessary risk? When purchasing baby feeding bottles and sippy cups for infant and baby, safety should be the utmost consideration. Together, European standards EU 10/2011 and EN14350 cover a wide variety of safety requirements to give consumers assurance that they are purchasing safe and reliable baby milk bottles, drinking equipment and tableware for their little ones. 
Safety standards EN14350 for baby products
Best milk bottle for your baby

Choosing the Best Milk Bottle Material

Not all baby bottles are created equal. Like most parents, we want our milk bottles to be safe and non-toxic (e.g. BPA-free), but we also want a milk bottle that is practical for everyday use. So, which material is best - glass, PP, PES, PPSU or TRITAN?